3D Art Demo Reel 2014


The selected projects featured in this demo reel highlight my skills and interests in 3D Graphics, gaming, and development for mobile applications.

  1. Rambo the Unicorn Character
    Completed: April 2013
    Rambo is tough Unicorn who is always ready for battle. He was first modeled using a program called Scultpris to make a high resolution with a lot of detail. The high resolution model was then imported into Maya and a low-poly version of the character was made. Once that was finished, I made sure I uv-mapped my low poly character and then used the high resolution model as a normal map to make the low poly model to look like it had a lot of detail without having to take up a whole lot of memory. The color map for the character was created in Mudbox.

  2. “Ocean Adventure” Android Game
    Completed: April 2014
    Ocean Adventure is game created for smart phone devices. The goal of my thesis project is to create an educational advocacy game for smartphone devices that will educate children about the effects of overfishing on marine life and how it can negatively affect coastal communities in the Caribbean. The gameplay of Ocean Adventure is a mix between 3D platformer (third person view) for navigating the character in the environment (on land, and on the boat), and a 2D platformer game for placing fish nets and seeing the effects of different fishing methods. The gameplay follows the contemporary practices of the fishing industry and takes place in the Caribbean Sea. Players are in the shoes of a fisherman who must meet the demand of fish needed to be caught in order to survive. The software that is used to create all 3D objects was Autodesk Maya, and where textured using Photoshop and Mudbox. The game was then programmed using the Unity 3D engine. The programming languages used in this software includes C#, JavaScript, and Boo Script. This project used the Unity Android platform, with a mix of JavaScript and C# programming.

  3. “Greebo the Space Boy in the Human Body” iPad Game
    Completed: April 2012
    “Greebo the Space Boy in the Human Body” was a group project for the course 3D Programming for Interactivity where I was lead character designer. As lead character artist, I created ‘Greebo’ the alien character and his spaceship in Maya. I also worked on front cover of the comic book in collaboration with another team member. The game takes place in the blood stream of the human body where the alien boy is trapped inside and must escape. In the game the player must avoid shooting Red & White Blood Cells for if they do the health of the human being decreases. But can shoot the Bacillus & Coccus Bacteria and rid the body from these deadly pathogens. This game was meant to be educational and teach children about human anatomy.

  4. “La Marioneta” PC Game


Completed: October 2012
“La Marioneta” was a group project for the course Advanced Interactive Design. In this project I came up with the game concept. I created the main puppet character, dog enemy, and some of the furniture for the game environment which were all made in Maya. Textures for the models were made using Mudbox. I animated the walk cycles for puppet character. Game programming was done using the Unity 3D Software. I used several scripts from the Unity 3D Platform Tutorial Starter project and modified them to work for my game. The game is about a Puppet named Sally who is trapped in a theater by her abusive master. No matter how well her performance is during a show it never seems to be good enough. One day, she is just so tired of having no freedom that she decides to break out the clutches of her master. In order to do so, she must search for several keys that are guarded by security dogs in order break free.


3D Art, Game Design, Video