Killer Foods the Game

Fall 2011


“Killer Foods” is a 2D shooter game where the young kid is the protagonist and must destroy evil possessed proceeds foods that have taken over the school cafeteria. The code consists of using change state functions to create 7 different game states, finite state machines, animated sprites, and sound effects. To animate the character’s walk cycles I had to create a film strip and place 8 different walking poses which are read within a particular parameter. All the components for each enemy are held in separate classes, and pop up on the screen at random. The burger enemies appear on the screen at a faster rate than the ice cream enemies. I created a short animation using flash, then exporting it to AfterEffects, then exporting it to Premiere Pro and converting the video with certain adjustments.

Killer Foods the game was created in Microsoft Studio using C# & XNA Game Studio 4.0. This game is about a cafeteria that has been taken over my deformed fast food. Your mission is to rid the cafeteria from as many monsters as you can. Check out the youtube video to see the gameplay.


Artist, Computer Programmer


November 2011