Greebo the Spaceboy iPad App

Promo Video for Greebo the Spaceboy iPad Game


Description: The game is a 2D Platformer game that takes place in the blood stream of the human body where Greebo the Spaceboy is trapped inside and must escape. The player must avoid shooting red & white blood cells and shoot the Bacillus & Coccus bacteria in order to survive. This video also includes a short comic book for the iPad game which tells the prologue of how Greebo the Spaceboy, an alien from outer space, accidentally falls inside the body of his human specimen. The models for the game were created in Maya and game put together in UDK game engine.
Team members:
Cynthia Gutierrez – MFA in Media, Technology, & Entertainment (3D Modeling, Video Editing & Comic Book Cover)
Steve Wang – MFA in Media, Technology, &Entertainment (Comic Book Cover Layout)
Miguel Oubina – MFA in Media, Technology, & Entertainment (Game Programmer)
Roberta Schicchi – MFA in Computer Arts (3D Modeling, Video Editing and Comic Book Pages)


3D Character Artist, Comic Book Image, Video Editing (comic book panorama section)


Florida Atlantic University


Spring 2012


iPad, 3D Modeling, Games, Health