Yoda’s Cafe Android App

Yoda's Cafe Android App 2012


Joel is a boy who is the main character for the android app “Yoda’s Cafe” that was created in collaboration with the Computer Science & Engineering Department. Yoda’s Cafe is an Android App that is geared towards promoting & bringing awareness for the need of healthy eating habits. In the game you play as a young boy named “Joel” who does not care about his health and eats anything that he pleases. He falls into a deep sleep and wakes up in a strange place where all kinds of food are placed before him. However he finds himself trapped and the only way out is to make healthy food choices. In the game play, different foods appear at random on a conveyor belt and the user must try to select the healthiest choices in order to keep their character healthy and avoid letting their character’s health drop too much. This is will be fun way to learn about the importance of nutrition.
The graphics were created in Maya, and the application was programmed in MotoDev Studio.
Team Members:
Engineering Students – Daniel Macleod, Jonathan Heide
Graphics Student – Cynthia Gutierrez


3D Artist, Graphic Designer, Video Editor


Florida Atlantic University


July 2012


Android App, 3D Modeling, Game