3D and 2D Graphics

Comic book cover for "Greebo The Spaceboy in The Human Body" game for the iPad - Spring 2012. This game is about Greebo the Spaceboy, an alien from outer space, who accidentally falls inside the body of his human specimen. The game is a 2D Platformer game that takes place in the blood stream of the human body where Greebo the Spaceboy is trapped inside and must escape. The player must avoid shooting red & white blood cells and shoot the Bacillus & Coccus bacteria in order to survive. The models for the game were created in Maya and game put together in UDK game engine.

Recently Published in Remarque Magazine 2nd edition in 2013 (pg. 56).
Here is the link -> http://issuu.com/remarque2012/docs/edit_remarque_issuev7_lowres

Rambo the Unicorn
Spring 2013

Progression in creating Rambo. High Resolution Sculpt, Low Poly Model, Low Poly Model with Color Map, and the final product with both the color map and transfer normal map. Spring 2013

La Marioneta: Madeline Escaping- Fall 2012.
La Marioneta is PC game created in the Unity 3D Engine. Madeline is a Puppet Girl who is trying to escape her puppet master. In order to break free, she must retrieve all the keys to unlock the theater gate and avoid getting caught by the guard dog. This image shows Madeline is action. This was also exhibited as a digital print at the 2nd Annual Art of Academia competition in Spring 2013.

SR-71 Blackbird Model - Spring 2010

REN Building model - Spring 2010

Etch A' Sketch in 3D, Fall 2011. Exhibited in the 2012 VNM Show

GPSA 2011 Owl Awards.
Playing God - Spring 2011 (third image to the right)
3rd Place Winner in the Graduate Student Association Fall 2011 Art of Academia Competition.

Killer Foods Game SnapShot

Alpha Psi Lambda Founders week 2012
The Golden Age: Eyes on the Throne
Unstoppable Upsilon Chapter @ FAU

Alpha Psi Lambda Concept Design for Tiki Fundraiser 2011
Unstoppable Upsilon Chapter @ FAU

Alpha Psi Lambda Hand sign Tiki 2011
Unstoppable Upsilon Chapter @ FAU

Art Exhibit event for GPSA Boca 2012

GPSA Broward(formally GSA Broward) Social Mixer at Tarpon Bend 2012

GPSA Broward(formally GSA Broward) Research Writing Workshop - 2012

GPSA Broward Eco Action Beach Bash 2012. This was a beach clean-up community service event.

Exterior Program Design

Micro-Cinema event curated by me - Spring 2013
Presented films by: Bulle Plexiglass, Theo Tagholm, & Remo Rauscher.
Screened experimental films that use different methods to transform Cityscapes. I also had Remo Rauscher as my guest Speaker (via Skype) during my Micro-Cinema presentation.

Logo for “Sky Marshall” Game by Battlescar Games (2014)

2013 Business Ettiquette Dinner for GPSA Broward

Diversity Block Party hosted by FAU Program Board

GPSA Broward Semester Kickoff Grad Social 2013

Alpha Psi Lambda Founders week 2014
(Revision of the 2011 Founders week flyer)
Health Awareness: In Honor of Aldo Pacheco
Unstoppable Upsilon Chapter @ FAU

Booklets/Programs for the 3rd Annual Art of Academia Competition - Spring 2014

Alpha Psi Lambda Hispanic Heritage Month 2014


models ranging from Spring 2013 to Spring 2010 as well as several examples of Graphic Design Work.


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